R4G Limits Rewarding Referrals With Church and School Funding to 10 a Year

January 14, 2022

Retain Recruiting for Good to help fund your church or religious school, what the world needs more is positive values #recruitingforgod #fulfillingfun #sweetservice www.RecruitingforGod.com

Recruiting for Good helps talented candidates land sweet jobs. #landsweetjob #usetalentforgood #makepositiveimpact www.RecruitingforGood.com

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Recruiting for Good is rewarding referrals to companies hiring professional staff; by sharing the 1st finder's fee paid 50/50 with designated US organization.

I love to collaborate with like-minded companies and professionals and make a positive impact!”
— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good
SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Recruiting for Good (R4G), a staffing agency helps companies find talented professionals; and generates proceeds to make a positive impact.

According to Carlos Cymerman, Recruiting for Good Founder, "We use our talent for good to help like-minded companies and organizations make a positive impact!"

Recruiting for Good launches sweet fulfilling service to help fund churches and religious schools based in the US; and limiting rewarding referrals with 50% of proceeds to just 10 referred companies hiring professional staff per year.

How Recruiting for God Works?

1. Simply, refer a company hiring professional staff (Accounting, Engineering, IT, Marketing, Operations).
2. Once, our recruiting team finds company an employee and earns a finder’s fee (candidate completes probation).
2. Your designated church or religious school, will receive 50% of our finder’s fee.


Since 1998, Recruiting for Good has been a purpose driven staffing company. Companies retain our recruiting agency to find talented and value driven professionals who love to use their talent for good in Accounting, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, and Operations. We're generating proceeds to make a positive impact. www.RecruitingforGood.com #landsweetjob #workremote #earnwhatyoudeserve #appreciatetoday #makepositiveimpact.

Recruiting for Good sponsors the following super sweet gigs for kids: Donuts for Daddy, iReview Ice Cream, Mom and Me Lunch, We Pitch for Good, and We Dance for Good. Kids learn positive values, and earn gift cards for their participation. www.TheSweetestGigs.com

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